Oceaan Blue Catering Chefs

Meet Our Chefs

Ocean Blue Catering has assembled a culinary team that includes the best local talent combining their knowledge of New England fare with the sophistication of one of the top catering facilities in the area. The freshest ingredients, the most flavorful combinations, the finest in presentation are all hallmarks of Chef Dart's success. This is not banquet food. This is upscale restaurant cuisine served through hors d’oeuvre receptions, buffets, and plated three, four and five course dinners.

Trad Dart (Executive Chef)

Trad is a top chef in Southeastern Connecticut. Trad has worked in some of Connecticut’s finest area restaurants. He has over twenty years experience as a chef and his innovative and creative cooking techniques have given Ocean Blue Catering the reputation for serving impeccable fine cuisine.

Michael Lee (Executive Sous Chef)

Michael is classically trained in fine dining. He is a well known Chef in Connecticuts restaurant community. Michael has over 20 years experience as a Chef and has worked in some of Connecticuts famous restaurants such as Captain Daniel Packer Inn and Maxs Oyster Bar. Ocean Blue Catering is ecstatic to have him on our staff.